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A well-finished driveway, while being functional and low maintenance, can instantly
transform the look of your home by making the exterior more appealing. By
combining planting areas and interesting paving materials you can achieve a stunning
entrance to your home or property.
Driveways can make a house look more attractive – this is essential in making sure
you home retains its value in the current market. It is important to match the type
of driveway with your home’s exterior while also taking issues into account such as
space, functionality, dimension, usage and safety.

There are many surface options to choose from: tarmac, chippings, tar & chip or asphalt.
We can now offer on request tarmac made with a dark stone which retains its dark colour permanently!
It all depends on the type of effect you are trying to achieve.
There are advantages and disadvantages to all materials; it is a question of speaking
to Lehane Tarmac to see what will work best for your home and the type of ground
surrounding your home.
The size and incline of your home will also be a factor as is adequate drainage to
prevent water-logging.
Kerbing is another option to give your driveway a special finish, sometimes it also
helps to divide your garden and grass growth from the driveway itself. See the
section on this website dedicated to Continuous Kerbing.
To complete the overall look once your driveway has been installed you can also
consider planting around the driveway’s perimeter – flower borders and hedging
works well and helps add colour.
Aside from the aesthetic aspect of the driveway there is also the functional aspect to
consider – is the space you have allocated large enough to accommodate your cars/
If you anticipate small children will be playing in the vicinity of the driveway
do you need to consider a smooth surface on some or on all of your driveway?
Is there a need to incorporate some sort or garden design plan before the work begins
– or would it suit your lifestyle better to dispense with the garden altogether and lay a
large driveway which frames your house?
Parking is an issue for modern urban living and people nowadays are foregoing a
front lawn and opting for a driveway with adequate space for two cars.
The beauty of the driveway is that the choice is entirely yours and Lehane Tarmac
will be able to guide you in the right direction.

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